Friday, August 21, 2015

Leo and Lori

          Smokey was annoyed by the whole thing.  As a matter of fact, she wanted to smash Leo around some.  I mean-meeee-ow- who actually liked being stared at like she was some kind of special exhibit at the museum!  “What is that suspposed to mean?   she asked.

          Leo was sitting at this point and doing one of those famous head tilting things that all lions did so well.   “What’s the problem?”  he asked.  “I just wanted to know what happened.”

          Smokey gave a brief summary and to those of you who didn’t know or forgot, Smokey had been accidently run over by her owner.   Smokey, even though she was used to not having that back leg, was still purr-ty sensitive about it!  When she was through, she gave Leo a, “Are you satisfied?”

          Actually he wasn’t.  He was to young and he had no idea of what a car was!  But it seemed he could tell he pushed Smokey’s buttons so he just let her alone.  What did it matter to Leo anyway?  He had no plans in hanging with the kitties, unless of course his mom wanted a snack!
          Having a snack was the furthest thing from Lori’s mind though.  She was what you would call a good-looking lion with beautiful golden fur, long legs and a tail that seemed like it was going on miles!

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  1. smokey....we iz prettee sure leo dinna meen two bee hurt full....prob a blee himz never seen kittehz with a missin limb.....we all haz...but prob a blee knot him....♥♥♥

    heerz two an aeneus corydoras kinda week oh end ~~~ ♥♥♥