Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Sick Discovery

          None of the kitties saw it coming.  As a matter of fact, Smokey was the one who discovered his body, all sprawled out on the porch immediately after they came home.  It was about two hours after the Trouties left.  Ace had gone out for his usual relaxation time which involved lounging in the sun and having a cool drink of water.  When he didn’t come in after two hours Smokey went out to check on him and found him all sprawled out with a hole in his chest and a big x shaved into his fur. 

          Smokey couldn’t believe it!  When she saw his body she actually screamed.  Did you ever hear a cat scream?  It’s a weird combination of a meow, yowl and a screech.  Well, it caused all of the kitties to paw out to the porch in record time and all of them, let me repeat- ALL OF THEM- went hysterical when they saw Ace’s body.  How hysterical?

          Well, Baby fainted.

          Barney had to literally go into the grass and throw up.

          Casey’s eyes became extra-huge and he lost all ability to meow.

          While, Blackie just started to cry. 

          Wait a second!  Where did Blackie come from?  What happened to Tommy?  And how did this Blackie know Ace?  Well…

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