Thursday, January 7, 2016


          All looked at her with twitching whiskers.  As a matter of fact, the whiskers were twitching so rapidly that it actually scared Blackie enough that she had to back up a little.  “I know who hurt Ace!”  she meowed again.

          “Well,” Casey meowed, “don’t just stand there and purr tell us.”

          “Who’s purring?”  Blackie muttered.  She was actually kind of wary of the kitties.  Well, wary is actually too strong of a word!  She was just kind of reluctant to meow bepaws of all the whisker twitching.  To her, it was somewhat scary!”

          “JUST MEOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING!”  growled Smokey who had basically had enough of the melodrama. 

          “I think ‘da creature’ did this!”  she yowled, panic-stricken.

          All of the kitties were at a loss ‘da creature?’  Who in the meow was that?  Baby was the first to meow a, “What did you meow?”

          “Da creature!”  Blackie meowed excitedly going back and forth.  “Da creature is going around killin’ lots of kitties and doggies too!”

          Casey, whose first inclination is (of course) to act like he knows everything didn’t actually know what to think about this.  “Is it a human?”

          “Nobody knows!!”  Blackie meowed.  “Other cats have said it’s as big as a human with really big hairy arms!”

          That took a couple of seconds for the kitties to absorb.  A big human with hairy arms????  Smokey, who as you know, was pretty much open to anything couldn’t get over it but before she could meow anything Barney spit it out first:

          “Isn’t that what the humans call Bigfoot?”  he asked.

          The name just sent the whiskers into point alert.  Casey shook it off in a couple of seconds.  “What are you kitties, crazy???  Bigfoot????”

          “It’s good the Trouties went back home for a bit,” Baby meowed, looking surprisingly shaken.  Okay, forget shaken- she looked flat-out scared!  “I don’t want Bigfoot to get me!”  she yowled.

          That earned her a claw from Casey!  “You’re crazy!  Bigfoot!  There’s no such thing as Bigfoot!”

          “Well, somebody did this!”  she meowed hysterically, pointing to Ace’s body!  “Who do you think it was?”

          “Some mean, little human punk that’s going to get his eyes clawed out if I find him!”  he meowed. 

          “Would you two shut-up!!”  Smokey yowled.  “We need to quit fighting and bury Ace.”

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  1. we all bow our headz... in respect and silence... two ewe ace