Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blackie's Announcement

That’s when Smokey decided to twitch her whiskers into the debate.  “Why would he know?”  she yowled.  “This is just sick!”

          “Meeee-ow, it’s sick,” Baby agreed.  “It’s just really sad.”

          That’s when all of them took a ‘paws’ to think about their pal.  Ace was a crotchety cat but he was lovable, loyal and was the purr-fect example of what a ‘pal’ should be.  Ace also had an air of mystery about him though.  Granted his fellow kitties knew plenty about him.  However, Ace, in a sense, was a mystery.  The overall shock of his death was proof of that bepaws none of them knew of any fellow animal that could kill him like that!

          Casey, who as you know, had many problems with Ace was actually feeling mushy!  “We’ll find out what happened to you buddy,” he meowed, putting a paw on Ace’s chest.  “Don’t worry.”

          Blackie was acting really funny while this was going on!  She was pacing back and forth and just looking around so fast that her head looked like it was spinning!  What in the meow was she so worried about?  Smokey didn’t get it but before she could get anything out- Blackie made the strangest announcement!

          It was a stunner.

          “I know who hurt Ace!”  she meowed.

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