Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Start of an Investigation

          But what about leads?

          Where do you find leads for a nut?  Nut wasn’t the right word- maniac was more like it!  After the nip wore off it seemed like obsession started sinking in.  Where to look?  Who do you try to find to help?  And what can you actually agree on?

          So, far not that much…

          Meeee-ow, c’mon you know these kitties!  Okay, some of you don’t know the kitties!  They actually never went through a single adventure, situation or even anything recreational agreeing on anything!!  They argued for fun it seemed like and it seemed like it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

          “I think a human killed Ace,” Casey meowed.

          “What about ‘Da Creature?’”  Blackie yowled, indignant with the fact that Casey didn’t believe her.  Blackie had this thing of bending over backwards to try to please Casey.  (In other meows, she always wanted to impress him.)   Oh, I know, she shouldn’t be doing it.  But she was just a kitten really- and what ‘kid’ doesn’t try to impress the ‘adult?’

          “That’s a stupid story,” meowed Baby.  “You watch to many horror movies with those kitty-pals of yours!”

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  1. guys...but what if blackie iz rite....and it iza creechure....either way, everee one kneads ta bee extree care full, in case what ever it iz....iz still out ther...ya noe