Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hank Did- Meee-Huh???

          All of the kitties heads, tails and meee-ow let’s just say entire bodies turned towards the front where Daisy was standing looking not just twitchy but downright rattled.  “Whutz happened?”  asked the Mayor.

          “Da Creature did it again!”  yowled Daisy.  “He killded somebody again!”

          Silence.  Mee-ow believe it or not it was all-out silence.  We’re talking the type of silence that you could hear a pebble being kicked.  It was an incredible thing really, considering the hippo was still sitting in the middle of the road. 

          As a matter of fact, it didn’t even look like Hank was breathing.  His eyes weren’t saucers anymore they were spaceship size!  We’re meowing Millennium Falcon pals.  Smokey even had to meow out, “Hank!!  Hank what’s da matter wid you?”

          Hank was still staring but it didn’t look like he was breathing at all.  All of them were in a panic.  Casey wondered if Hank was actually going to topple over the hill and end up in the creek.  He could just imagine the SPLASH and all of the water going everywhere causing a massive flood.  He started to really believe it when Hank started swaying.  “Hank!!!”  yowled Casey.  “Watch yourself!”

          “We better holds him up!”  The Mayor meowed.

          “Are you kidding??”  Barney meowed.  “How are we gonna do dat?”

          Barney had a logical point.  Hank was swaying like one of those big trees with too many branches.  “Hank!”  yowled Smokey.  “You is gonna go over da hill!”

          That didn’t help.  He swayed harder.  What in the meow was with this?  Hank was a hippo for meowing out loud!!  He was supposed to be tough not some kind of wimp.  “You doofus!”  meowed the Mayor.  “Stops doin’ dat!”

          It was like he was hypnotized.  “Monster,” he kept saying.  “There’s a monster out there!”

          “Why in da meow did you come here yowling stuff!”  Casey meowed at Daisy.  “You got him scared.”

          “How dids I knows da wimp would gets scared.  I justs saying Da Creature is back.”

          When Hank heard that he quit swaying, gave the weirdest snorting noise on record and just took off down the road.  Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee-what????  Meee-ow you heard dat right- he took off down the road.  As a meow of fact if you were anywhere near Pittsburgh, PA you could feel the ground shake for at least five minutes afterwards.

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  1. whoa....we hope hank iz knot lookin rite at de monsturr....like rite now...like over in de woodz ther at de side oh de road...coz then we all better bee a runnina afturr him....