Friday, February 5, 2016

Is Hank a Chicken?

All of the kitties were at a loss- to tell you the truth the Mayor and the rest of the Trouties weren’t sure what to meow.  The funny thing was- when Blackie started this- Hank’s eyes grew HUGE!  We’re talking flyer-saucer wide too.  He looked really scared.  “Is- is dat true?”  he asked Casey.

Casey wasn’t sure how to answer this!  No matter what you could call whoever killed Ace a monster but what if it was actually a real monster???  He glared at Blackie, who was still jumping up and down and yowling ‘monster.’ He was ready to give the paw but surprisingly Barney beat him to it.

“Would you be quiet!”  he yowled at Blackie.  “We get da point.”

Blackie stared up at Barney, extremely insulted.  Barney had never given her the paw before and it hurt her feelings.  “You big blubber-gut!”  she meowed.  “You didn’t have to do dat.”

Barney gave a tail-wave brush-off.  He looked at a horrified Hank and meowed, “Why are you lookin’ so scared anyway?”

Hank was all sweaty and his eyes seemed like they were bigger.  “I don’t want attacked by no monster!”

The Trouties couldn’t believe this!  Was Hank going chicken.  The Mayor, especially, was steamed.  “You iz bein’ a baby,” he meowed.

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  1. deer cod we hope hankz knot goin...CHCIKN !!! { burd } ☺☺☺