Saturday, February 20, 2016

Speculating Kitties

          Surprisingly, they stopped and all was silent for a few minutes.  Finally, Daisy meowed, “Where you thinks he wents?”

          The Mayor wrinkled his nose and made that mean, make-your-whiskers get tight face.  “He better nots comes back.”

          “Why did he come here for?”  asked Casey.  “How in the meow did you cats find him?”

          “He founds us,” the Mayor meowed back.  “He justs poppeded up.”
          “Dat’s crazy,” meowed Smokey.  “How can a hippo just pop up?”

          Well, the Mayor couldn’t answer that and to be meowy honest, neither could any of the Trouties.  How could you?  That’s when Barney changed the subject with a meow to Daisy, “What were you saying about Da Creature?”

          That’s when Daisy’s fur went up and her nose started twitching up and down.  “He came up and hit a couple of kitties in town!  It’s all over da Internet!”

          Smokey started feeling sick.  “What does that mean?”

          “There is tons of pictures!”  Daisy meowed.  “You kitties needs to see them.”

1 comment:

  1. noe dai$y; we non oh uz knead ta see picturez.....bee sides....knot everee thing ya see on de web iz manee time haz eye toll ya that....signed: yur brother boomer ~~~~~~ pay her noe a tenshuns smokey ♥♥♥