Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Take a Paws

Listen...I want everybody to go to this and just read it...

Then I want you to stop a second and think about something.  There are a lot- A LOT of crazy freakin' people out there slaughtering these animals like there is a never ending supply.  Just stop a second and think- these are giraffes- GIRAFFES.  What harm did they ever do to anyone? And what can we do?

I'll tell you what- instead of just mentioning something like this once in awhile we can get a little madder.  God, I wish I could do a Bernie Sanders and get everybody REALLY TICKED OFF about this.  Maybe then people will start appreciating conservation more, appreciation, zoos more, etc.  In the end- just stop and read it.  Think, these are just giraffes and they could be gone soon too!

Damn you crazy African people and damn you to China- a lot of this is YOUR FAULT.

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  1. guys....we will tell R mom ta reed thiz at home; her iz sneeking round blogland at werk ♥♥