Thursday, March 24, 2016

Adding to the Nip Fun

          Smokey and Daisy just happened to run into Baby.  Meeee-huh?  Where did she come from?  Meee-ow.  Daisy was just as confused as Smokey!  “Wherez youz comes from?”

          Baby’s tail swished.  “I got tired of the crowd.  Where are you two going?”

          “Nipped!”  Smokey announced.  “We’re going to get nipped!”

          Baby liked the idea of a good nipping.  Like Smokey, she hadn’t been nipped for quite awhile!  “I’m in!”  she meowed.  “Let’s go!”

          Daisy and Smokey just looked at each other, swished the tails and they went on their way.  They pawed through the neighborhood and found a local nip-hangout that was about five blocks from the beach.  Anyway, they pawed their way through the crowd and went up to the bar (and meee-ow picture a human bar) and meowed out for nip.  However, something really weird happened. 

          The black and white kitty running things looked at the three of them and meowed, “No.”

          Daisy and Smokey couldn’t believe it.  Daisy was actually going to start meowing out the insults but Baby stopped them both.  “What’s dat supposed to mean?”  she yowled out.  “Why not???”

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  1. hey, we are all ...of pass that nip over this counter; we are paying customers, right smokey and baby !! ♥♥♥