Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Leo and Charlie Report

          The kitties mouths were just hanging open in amazement.  Meeee-what???  He dropped dead?

          Charlie went onto explain that the Da Creature was actually some 22-year-old drunk human-punk who was actually known all over the state for torturing animals!  The kitties couldn’t believe it.  Sure the legend was always there about Da Creature in the animal world but the humans knew???

          “Where did he live?”  asked Casey, who was stunned, pleased and downright curious.

          “Who cares?”  asked Leo.  “He’s gone!  Ace is avenged!”

          Smokey was shocked.  It’s amazing how much Ace’s death spread all over the world.  “Did he really drop dead?”  she asked amazingly.

          Leo and Charlie were so pleased with themselves that they recited the story again and again for the next 10 minutes.  The Mayor didn’t like the story.  “He didn’t feelz no real pain dat sucks.”

          Leo sat down on his butt and gave one of those growl/laughs.  “Well, I wouldn’t say that.”

          Casey was getting impatient.  “Would you two goofs make up your mind!”

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  1. leo & charlie....we hope ya pushed de bass down a well then tossed 157,933,099 snakez in on top oh him .......ratlurrz AND cobraz