Wednesday, March 16, 2016

To Hotel or Not to Hotel

“Whutz da problem?”  The Mayor asked the hotel dude (who was a gold cat).

The gold cat who was named Edgar-meee-huh???  Edgar???  Isn’t that a dog’s name?  Mee-ow, well, anyway Edgar went on to explain that there was no way- pawsitively NO WAY that they had room enough for a lion and a rhino.  Edgar went onto meow that every cat would actually be afraid of Charlie which amazed him, personally.  Why? 

Well, Charlie always considered himself a happy-go-lucky rhino.  He knew how to be the life of a paw-ty, that in itself was a well-known fact that Leo backed him up on to this Edgar dude.  But this Edgar didn’t want to hear it.  They had to go somewhere else- there was no doubt and no more arguing about it.  He also informed them that all hotels in the area would probably reject them!

“What are we gonna do?”  whined Smokey.  Her leg was really hurting by this point and she needed a nap.

The Mayor knew what he wanted to do!  He wanted to sue Edgar and the whole hotel chain.  How in the meow could they paws-ibly be rejected?  Cats had rights too.  That human, Bernie Sanders, even said so.

As if by magic Leo said, “I have an idea…”






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  1. smokey...pull up a ree clinerz chair til we get thiz sorted....❤️❤️❤️