Monday, April 11, 2016


          Smokey couldn’t believe she asked such a dopey question.  “How in the meow would I know?”  she asked.

          “You mean that she didn’t meow anything to you?”  she asked.

          “Why in the meow would she?”  Smokey responded. 

          “Meee-ow,” Baby bellowed with her whiskers twitching.  “Okay, what do we do?  I guess we better go find her.”

          Smokey was bewilderedly bewildered by this!  “Where do we go?  We don’t even know what FUZZ station she went too!”

          “FUZZ?”  bellowed a loud meow.  “Who’s in trouble with the FUZZ?”

          Now, where did that meow come from?  Oh just take a guess- all of the kitties were there from Casey to the Mayor to Blackie, along with a group of black and gold cats who Smokey and Baby never saw before.  As a matter of fact, the group was so big they looked like they were in a parade.  “What are you guys doin’ here?”  asked Smokey.

          Boomer answered with a, “What happened to Daisy?  Where’s Daisy?”

          Casey was interested too.  “Yeah, what happened to her?”

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  1. dear smokey; our plan to get boomer out of MY house while I hid the gold we found has worked; please let baby & blackie know, as I dare not send this encrypted message to everyone, for fear we will be found out. please destroy this message after you've read it, hugs girl from you know who =^..*=