Monday, April 4, 2016

Breaking the- meee-huh?

          Meeee-ow before we meow on with the ‘tail’ you might remember us meowing that the kitties found a little kitten in the park.  Here that ended up being no big deal.  The mom was found almost immediately and, as you probably guessed was pawsitively purry that they had found the kitten.  She wanted to provide the kitties with every paws-ible kitty reward imaginable but meee-ow here it turns out the kitties were in to much of a hurry to get nipped so they kind of pawed out of there rather quickly.

          But all of them did promise to come back and visit when they had the chance.  And meeee-ow don’t worry, there’s no way they’d go there ‘nipped.’  So, back to the ‘now...’

          Daisy, as you may remember was extremely miffed about being refused the nip.  “Whutz yourz pra-blem?”  she asked the nip dude cat.  “Why can’ts we have da nip.”

          The nip dude was waving his paws.  It was driving Smokey crazy!  “What are you doing?”  she meowed loudly.  “You nipped?”

          “I wantz my nip!”  yowled Daisy.

          “Mee-ow! I bet you do,” meowed the nip dude right as a cop-cat yanked Daisy off her seat by her tail!

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  1. sew long daiz......frank lee; eye am gonna N joy my time a way frum ewe !!!!!!!!!!! bwahahhahhahh

    boomer =^..^=