Friday, April 8, 2016

FUZZ Stunned

          They just sat there on their fat butts in stunned silence.  The whiskers didn’t even twitch that much.  We’re meowing all out kitty shock pals- these two didn’t even know what to think let alone meow.

          Meee-ow!  Wait a meow minute!  Baby and Smokey stunned into silence?  There is no meowing way this could happen!  This should be some kind of headline:

          Extra! (Meow) Extra (Meow)!  Purr all about it!

          No Meows and No Arrests for Smokey and Baby!  Read all about it!  This could be worth one of those human Pulitzer things!

          Meee-uhoh.  Sorry!  I couldn’t pass it up.  Meee-ow would you give me a break?  This is newsworthy.  Any cat in that did what they did would not only be arrested by locked away in some dark shelter-like room!  Whoever heard of a bad kitty not getting arrested by the FUZZ?

          Finally, Smokey broke the silence.  “What do we do now?”

          Baby had no idea!  Why would she?  All she wanted was a night of nipping.  Who in the meow needed this?  She was about ready to just leave Smokey there and paw back to the beach.  “What did your buddy do?”  she meowed.


  1. Oh we hope you all get things worked out. Thanks so much for your birthday wishes. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. Aw thank you Marg!!! You have a purr-fect day too!

  3. yea catz wanna noe what dai$y did two.... may bee me & toona will test a fie AGAINST her !!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    butter lover boomer o cat =^..^=