Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Fuzzy Negotiation

          Fuzzy wasn’t paying attention.  She was staring through binoculars right out into the ocean!  Now, how Fuzzy got binoculars is anyone’s guess but the kitty was not listening.

          “Fuzzy!”  yowled Smokey.  “What are you doing?”

          She put the binoculars down and stared down at Smokey with a ferocious-kitten look.  Meee-wow!  Yeah, kittens have the ability to give a ferocious kitten look.  You sort of have to be there to believe it.  “I don’t like you,” she meowed. “Go away!”

          Smokey was stunned by it for a second, probably bepaws it was hot outside and the sun was making her brain melt!  So, all Smokey could meow was, “Come down Fuzzy!”

          “Don’t want too,” she meowed back.

          Smokey sat down in the sand in frustration.  What in the meow was she going to do about this kitty?  She was a frustrating little Fuzz.  However, something really strange happened…

          Fuzzy slid down from the dune and sat down next to Smokey.  “I think my mommy is hurt,” she meowed.

1 comment:

  1. fuzzy....we noe ewe R upset at bee in lost.... & ya mizz yur mom & familee..... but pleez due knot say "I do not like you" ta smokey....everee one likez de smoke ♥♥♥ now....letz all go help yur mom