Monday, May 16, 2016

Chatty Fuzzy

     Smokey’s head was spinning and her whiskers were twitching.  Know her?  Of course she knew her!  She was just embarrassed that she couldn’t remember the last time she saw her!  It had been a traumatizing couple of days after all.  She didn’t know what to say to Fuzzy.

          Fuzzy, in the meantime, was just sitting there looking absolutely adorable.  Smokey hadn’t run into a kitten in a long time, so she forgot about that ‘cute kitten look.’  “Don’t look at me like that,” Smokey meowed.

          Fuzzy was bewildered.  “What did I do?”

          “You’re giving that cute kitten look,” Smokey grumbled.

          “Why do you have three legs?”  she asked.

          Smokey was stunned by this- how in the meow did we get from Blackie to her three legs.  Ah well, she was just a kitten.  “Accident,” she meowed.  “A really bad accident.”

          Fuzzy accepted this and changed the subject back to, “Do you know Mommy?”

          Smokey gave an uneasy meow, “Yeah, but I’m not sure when I saw her last.  How in the meow did you lose her?”














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  1. fuzzy....we bet yur momz closer bye than ya think....ore purrhapz herz at de store gettin ewe sum food !!! hope ya find her soon; yur mom iz a grate friend two all oh uz ♥♥♥