Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daisy and Baby Think They're Who??


          Well, there’s a catch to this.  Smokey was tossed out about two miles down the road.  Baby and Daisy decided that she would be too much baggage.

          Wait a meow-minute…

          What in the meow was that supposed to mean?

          Believe it or not it was all very simple.  Baby had always had a Thelma&Louise obsession.  Now, who would’ve thought that a kitty would’ve been into a Susan Sarandon/Geena Davis movie but meee-ow everyone has their secret likes right?  Well back to the ‘tail…’

          They dumped Smokey.  Don’t worry it wasn’t that far away from the city but everybody knows that Smokey only has three legs and it was tough for her to move sometimes.  However, she really wasn’t thinking about that- she was meowy-PISSED OFF.

          “I’m gonna get you two for this,” she grumbled with the whiskers twitching.  “You stupid Daisy- I’m the one who wanted to bust you out.”

          “Gets out of here you Smoke,” Daisy meowed, with a wave of the paw and then with the pedal to the metal- the two of them were gone and Smokey was there covered in dust.  It was one of those typical car drop-off cartoon scenes.


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