Friday, May 20, 2016

Where Are You Going Fuzzy?

          Fuzzy responded to that by giving Casey the claw.  It’s like I said, the kitty WAS NOT in the mood.

          “Yow!”  He jumped back stunned by the claw and the fact the kitten actually drew blood.  “You punk kitten!”

          Fuzz just hissed and then meowed out.  “You cats just stink!”  Then, believe it or not she took off running down the road towards the ocean.


          The kitties couldn’t believe it.  Where in the meow was Fuzzy going?  They actually stood around for a few minutes with whiskers twitching and tails waving not meowing anything.  Finally, believe, it or not, the Mayor meowed, “Let’s go findz Fuzzy.”

          There was no debate (*gasp*) all of them took off like a pack of wolves down towards the ocean.  Smokey wasn’t sure how they were going to find Fuzzy though.  Everybody was meowing though, “Fuzzy!  Fuzzy!”

          They got weird looks but that wasn’t surprising.  The beach was busy.  No one saw little Fuzzy but that wasn’t surprising.  Cats usually stayed out of each other’s business.  Where was little Fuzzy?

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  1. letz ask de boat rental dood; him pointed out a grate place ta stay when we couldna get a motel last time !!!! ♥♥♥