Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Frisbee Fuzz

          Smokey racked her brain, trying to remember where she saw that contest.  It seemed like it was days ago but it was actually a couple of hours!  Where in the meow was it?  It had to have been right when she, Daisy and Baby were pawing out, right before Daisy got picked up by the FUZZ.

          For a brief second, Smokey wondered what happened to those two.  Mee-ow did you forget?  They were riding around like Thelma and Louise the last time we saw them.  Who in the meow knows where they could be at this point!  They could be in a far-west FUZZ jail.  Anyway, Smokey’s thoughts of those two were interrupted by guess what?

          A Frisbee…

          Now how’s that for convenience?

          The Frisbee actually bounced off Smokey’s head and landed on Fuzz’s stubby tail which got her extremely indignant.  Smokey actually managed to pick it up with her tail and hop out to find a group of strange cats just staring at her in awe.  Meee-ow again, we have the leg thing drawing attention.  When Fuzzy came into view one of the cats, a mackerel tabby meowed,

          “Meee-ow I know where your mom is!”

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  1. then pleez ta let uz all noe mackerull...fuzzy kneads ta find her mom & like pron toe ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥