Saturday, June 25, 2016

Guess Who's Back?

          But Fuzzy really didn’t have time to think about it.  She had decided to cross the street but meeeee-what? She almost got hit with a convertible!

          A convertible!

          Baby and Daisy???!!!

          Meeee-yeah!  Baby and Daisy were back in town.  Their fur was all messy, they had that healthy outdoor kitty look and they were both, at this second, mad as hornets!  Who in the meow would want to run over a kitten?  A grown cat’s reputation suffered from it big time!  They were both ready to lecture the Fuzzy but Fuzzy just stood there (in the middle of the street) looking at them with that pathetic kitten look!

          Oh no, not the pathetic kitten look!

          Well, first thing was to get Fuzzy off the street and into the convertible and I know, I know, you want to know how those two got a convertible.  That is a sick, twisted story that may only come when everyone’s bored-MOL.  Seriously, Baby and Daisy had so many adventures they could outdo Thelma and Louise big time!

1 comment:

  1. fuzzy.....stay in de car & when it starts moovin...HANG ON.....werd on de streetz iz.. it waz speedin down de high way sew fast... even de pole lease couldna catch em !! ☺☺☺