Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Paw Note

Unfortunately, it looks like I have some bad news...

And yeah- the mom's talking here.

Smokey was on the porch (yesterday) waiting for a vet visit.  Why was she on the porch? Easy- she moaned when being moved and she was happy there.  And please- no lectures about cats outside- if you have a safe neighborhood and a well-taken care of cat- they're safe outside.  They learn boundries.  Anyway, Smokey enjoyed her time out.

Back to yesterday...

After a shower- I noticed she was gone.  Smokey (I firmly believed) just went quietly in the woods to die peacefully.  Unfortunate-yeah but I think she's at peace now. Let me assure you- Smokey had a great life after losing her leg and what happened to her in the last week is somewhat of a mystery.  Now, with all of that being meowed- the cats are very sad right now.  (And Blackie, for reference is fine, she didn't disappear).  The blog will be back.  If not at the end of the week, maybe next Monday.

Scratch maybe- it'll be back.
But right now everybody's mourning Smokey....


  1. Very sad news - sending gentle purrs of comfort and consolation to all at Purry Cute - Rest in Peace, dear Smokey.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending comforting thoughts.


  3. smokey....

    Godspeed your journey; we hope St Francis led you into heaven and you were not in pain or afraid.

    We are going to miss you gal pal, you are and always will be a gorgeous kitty.

    Please say hi to dude and sauce for us ~~

    We have sads, so we will sign off for now ~~~~~~ with hugs and loves ...boomer, dai$y, tuna...and dude and sauce too ♥♥♥♥♥