Sunday, July 3, 2016

Breaking the News

          Fuzzy really wasn’t sure how to get into this!  She was actually too scared to even meow about it!  It was a really scary time when Smokey and that other cat disappeared.  To be purr-fectly honest, she wasn’t even sure how she made it out! 

          Baby was getting really impatient!  She was right in Fuzzy’s face now-whisker to whisker.  “What happened to Smokey?”  she yowled again in a really strange voice that sounded like a cross between a growl and a scream.

          Fuzzy gulped.  “She’s gone,” she meowed.  “She’s dead- her and another cat helping me look for my mom.”

          Baby and Daisy couldn’t believe it!  Do you really blame them?  How in the meow could they have predicted this?  As a matter of fact, Baby couldn’t stop thinking about the special treats that she picked up for Smokey in the deep south.

          Fuzzy felt bad about them being so stunned/sad.  “Me sorry,” she meowed.

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