Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grieving Kitties

Baby wasn’t listening!  She couldn’t stop crying!  All she could think of was Smokey wearing the cone (right after losing the leg), Smokey’s plan to paw out a book 101 Ways to Scratch Yourself and how she used to take on Ace, right around the time Ace came to live at the house.

          Meee-ow that Smokey had guts.

          Baby wasn’t the only one who was crying.  Daisy was a mess.  Surprised?  Nah- everybody loved Smokey.  How could you not?  As stated, Smokey not only had the guts-she was, well- the Smoke.

          Fuzzy was really too young to understand grief like this but she couldn’t help feel guilty.  The way they were acting it was like-well, it was like they were acting like she killed Smokey.  “I didn’t hurt Smokey!”  she meowed loudly and indignantly.

          Daisy and Baby looked at her flabbergasted with whiskers twitching.  “Nobody saids dat,” Daisy meowed.

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  1. fuzzy...ya hafta understand.. noe one iz blamin ewe; we all just hafta get thru thiz sew we can get past it....we gotta cry coz we iz all sad...we due knot blame ewe..honest ~~~ ♥♥♥