Saturday, August 27, 2016

King of the Mountain!

     None of the cats wanted to hear this...

     I mean how are you going to answer this?  Poor Fuzzy looked paws-itively sick!  Sure, Fuzzy was just a kitten but these were almost babies.  They were literally wide-eyed and innocent.  What exactly are you going to say about their mommy?

    Surprisingly enough, it was Baby who came to the rescue.   She must've had a guilty conscience about what she meowed to Fuzzy.  "Don't you kitties worry about it," Baby meowed.  "All of us are here to help."

     Casey and Barney were in shock.  Their whiskers were almost standing attention.  Who would've thought Baby would've melted?  But then again after looking at those kittens it was easy to see why!

     The kittens liked the sound of what Baby meowed.  As a matter of fact, they liked the looks of all the kitties.  The big, yellow one (Barney) looked especially interesting.  They pawed over to him with interest and the next thing you know they were climbing-

     It was king of the mountain time!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. guys...N we will bee happee ta help out two even tho we lives 98,300 milez a way...we can still help out...sum how !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥