Sunday, September 4, 2016

Defensive Fuzzy

Fuzzy was horrified to be under the eyes of Hank.  (Well, think about it- wouldn't you be?)  Granted Fuzzy was big for a kitten but that's what she was A KITTEN.  Besides that everybody knows Fuzzy had some big-time trauma about what happened to Smokey so her nerves were just a little shot.

"Quit staring at me!"  yowled Fuzzy, giving a swipe at Hank (which did make him back off some).  "You is making me nervous."

"Well you tell me what I want to know you kitten!"  yelled Hank.  "What happened to Smokey?"

"Why?"  asked one of the little kittens, who was listening to this very intently.  He actually thought Hank was purry interesting.

"Because I want the truth!"  yelled Hank.

"You can't paw through the truth!"  Fuzzy yowled back!

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