Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In Case You Were Wondering

Why didn't Hank greet Leo?  It's easy- he was still asleep.  Can you blame the poor hippo?  After all, no cat knew where he really came from.  He could've swam all the way over Africa as far as any of the cats knew.  It didn't matter- Hank had to sleep.

But that didn't stop Leo from being impatient.  He had been pawing through the USA visiting all of the 'cat' like sites.  He figured he would crash with his friend, Smokey, for awhile and there wouldn't be any kind of problem.

Meee-ow if he only knew.

Now, the cats really weren't in the mood for this.  It took forever to calm Hank down, as all of you knew.  This could get really ugly Leo was about as big as Cecil the lion was.  Who knew what could happen.  Surprisingly Barney was the one who came out and meowed it...

"Smokey's missing and presumed dead."


  1. I am sorry about Smokey, I will pray for a miracle.

  2. we see that look in leo'z eyez guyz......everee one stand bak...heer it comez ~~~~~~~~~