Friday, October 28, 2016

Searching Kitties

Now as you know Tippy was in Transylvania

I know, I know doesn't that sound weird?  Tippy in Transylvania but we'll get back to that.  In the meantime we've had the kitties searching all over the place for Tippy. Casey was besides himself- how in the meow could Tippy disappear like that and not have one single animal see her?

Well, meow that changed when they ran into the little elephant that had been hanging out with Tippy.  An intense interrogation had the little elephant tell the kitties that he had left Tippy alone after he thought he saw some kind of monster.  It turns out he just saw some kind of shadow and left poor Tippy completely alone.  To top all of that off, Hank ended up finding out something really strange during his searching up and down the rivers- it was rumored that Tippy had been seen with a vulture who had been going on vacation.

What in the meow did that mean?  Vacation?  Finally, Leo had a thought about this, "I bet it was Victor," he said.  "He always heads to Transylvania this time of year."

Wait a meow-minute- Transylvania?

How could that be paws-ible?

Why would Tippy go to Transylvania?

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