Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tippy Meets An...


Tippy pawed smack dab into a baby elephant and this was one animal she knew for sure!  Every kitten knew about elephants.  They were cute for one and well, for two how could you not purr about an elephant.  So, Tippy decided to meow a brilliant, earth-shattering observation...

"Meee-ow, you're an elephant!"

The little elephant stared at Tippy with complete disbelief.  "Is that all you got?" he said.

Tippy wasn't sure what that meant but she continued with a, "What are you doing here?"

That's when the little elephant started to cry.  Did you ever see an elephant cry? Well, it's probably one of the most depressing things ever.  They're so cute anyway so to see one so upset was not meowy. Besides that the elephant's crying started to make Tippy cry!

1 comment:

  1. everee one pleez stop ore all oh uz will bee a cryin ~~~~