Friday, October 14, 2016

Tippy Update

So where was that Tippy??

Well, you can't ask Tippy- she didn't know.  She was just a kitten, aka. a kid, who started innocently chasing some kind of interesting butterfly but ended up in the middle of well- not nowhere...

But a quiet somewhere...

Tippy was in awe of the stillness and the fact that everything was so green.  Where was everybody anyway?  She didn't think she went that far.  The thing was she was kind of scared by this point.  She wasn't sure which way to go.  So she started pawing one direction-

And when she did that she heard steps behind her.  She took another paw and there was another sound! Meeeee-ow!  Who could be following her?  Tippy, suddenly, broke out into a run!

1 comment:

  1. tippy...stop runnin....ewe iz safe over heer...promize ♥♥♥