Thursday, October 20, 2016


"Do you know where we are?" the little elephant asked Tippy.

Tippy looked at the elephant in disbelief.  How in the meow would she know???  She was only a kitten!  But after looking at the little elephant she felt bad, the little elephant looked really scared.  Tippy knew she had to be a little bit braver than what she felt.  "I'm sure somebody will find us," she meowed.

The little elephant looked at Tippy like her whiskers just flew off her face.  "I bet they won't," the little elephant said.  From there, he went on to tell Tippy how he came there with his mummy to help save some gorillas bepaws his mummy said it was very important to help their animal friends.  Well, from there- during this huge fight he got lost and wound up here and then, obviously, met Tippy.  "What happened to you?"

"Purr-ty much the same thing," Tippy answered.

The little elephant looked at Tippy strangely, "What kind of kitty are you anyway?"

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  1. guyz....knot ta iz on de way coz we iz all tryin ta find ewe both all sew........♥♥♥