Friday, November 25, 2016

Hank Speaks

Actually there were a lot of problems but this one was MEEEEE-OWWWWWWWWWY!!!

As a lot of you know, the humans are always talking about ruining the area up north where all of the polar bears are.  Now, Hank while he was away, he happened to hear that a couple of his friends needed some help up there, in particular a couple of walruses who were trapped on some frozen ice patch that just kept floating around!

Now, the kitties had no idea what to say about this.  How in the meow did Hank ever become acquainted with walruses.  That's what Leo asked.  "How in the world do you know any walruses?"

Hank looked shocked by this.  "What are you asking me this for?"

"Walruses don't hang with hippos," Leo said.

"Yeah," meowed the Mayor.  "Hippoz dontz hangz wid walruses."

"How is this even paws-ible?" asked Casey.

Hank, in utter frustration, opened his mouth really wide and made this really weird sound, which scared the meows out of Fuzzy and da kittens.  They actually headed up a tree.  "Now you cats listen," he said, "and listen good."

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