Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Roamin' in the Woods

They were dark, spooky and really long.  What are they?  The woods around the castle of course.  It seemed like they swallowed the gang up with one giant gulp and everybody was left looking at each other. 

"Whutz we gunna do?"  asked the Mayor.

No one could answer him for a second.  How could you?  Everything was so dark and spooky that meee-ow it was just scaring the fur off of everyone, except for Hank, of course.  Hank was just as scared as everyone else though, he'd let out a huge snort every couple of seconds or so and believe it or not it looked like he could've used a smoke.


Never mind about that, back to the woods.  They were stuck and all of them knew they were in trouble.  Fuzzy felt cold chills running down her back, along with little Tony who jumped on it out of sheer panic.  "What are we gonna do?" she asked.

No one answered.  It seems like they were all taking a lot of frustrations out on Barney.  Fuzzy heard Casey meow to him, "This is all your fault."

"Oh shut-up," Barney meowed back.  "You're happy you didn't go-"

He was cut off by one thing and meeeee-ow surprise- surprise-

He was cut off by a howling wolf!

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  1. wait til de wolf sees hank......him will be a howlin all rite.....frum hiz own feer ! ☺☺☺ ♥♥