Sunday, November 13, 2016

Serious Dave

Everybody was just staring at Dave in complete disbelief.  How was this possible? How was the pack gone?  Finally, Sammie just came out and asked it:

"What's a pack?"

Everyone was stunned for a second and then there was a lot of laugh/growling.  Poor Sammie didn't get it!  He asked a legitimate question and the other kittens were even confused!  But they're kittens, they get over things quickly, all of them started doing that kitten laugh/purr too. 

Finally, Leo broke up the merriment with a serious growl.  "What happened to your pack?"

Poor Dave looked really sad.  "Humans," he said simply.

Well, that was easy to figure out.  Humans were stupid people, who couldn't wait to destroy and kill everything they can get their hands on.  What really shocked all of them was when Dave said:

"I need a place to go."

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