Monday, December 26, 2016

How In The Meow Did That Happen?

Casey's eyes popped open and what he saw made him go:


He was home, as a matter of fact they all were.  The Trouties weren't so, you have to assume that they went back to their pad.  But there was no Dave, no Hank,  no Leo, no Sam and no Eddie- just a lot of kitties. 

Casey's big meow caused the others to wake up and they couldn't believe it either how in the meow was this paws-ible.  Wait a meow-minute- where were Fuzzy and the kittens? They were there- don't worry but everything seemed soo-ooo normal- what in the meow was up?

Barney put a paw to his head.  "Last thing I remember was drinking milk with a polar bear."

Baby, who always tried to keep her cool, meowed, "I was eating fish with Eddie and Sam."

"Where the Trouties?" asked Fuzzy.  "Do you think they're still up there?"

No, they weren't there.  Everyone knew they went back home, at least for awhile.  Casey was mad though- "How in the MEOW DID WE GET HERE?"

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  1. guyz....we getted bak home two N for de trout oh uz all, we canna rememburr HOW ~~~~ now that musta been sum grate grazz ☺☺☺ !!!! ♥♥♥