Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jingle Bell Hill

He was right- the jingle bell sound was everywhere!!

But where was he???

Soon, all of the cats were on backs- it ended up the Trouties on Hank's back and the Purry Cute crew on Sam's back which was quite a scene (and DAMMIT I wish I could draw).  It was time to move and they had to be quick about it.  As a matter of fact Leo actually disappeared with the kittens.  Who in the meow knew where he was going?  Lions were funny.  Once they got some kind of hunch they were never going to get it out of their heads!  In the meantime, the bells were really close and all of sudden Hank just disappeared- he literally fell out of view!  Then you could hear a-


"What in the meow happened?"  asked Casey as Sam rumbled over there (with Eddie close behind might I add.)

"I forgot to tell Hank about Jingle Bell Hill!"  Sam yelled.  "Hang on!"

The next thing you know Sam (with a bunch of  kitties on his back) were sliding down a huge hill!!!

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