Friday, May 26, 2017

Has Daisy Lost Her Whiskers?


Has she?

You're wondering it, aren't you?  It seemed like she did.  How in the meow could that not be Blackie.  Come on!!!  Blackie's Blackie- no meows ands or buts.  The Mayor even thought Daisy was nuts and he was all to pleased to inform her of that.

"You iz flipz yourz whiskers," he meowed to her.  "Dat was Blackie."

"How in the meow do you know?"  asked Daisy.  "You neverz sawz her."

Daisy did have a point but the Mayor wasn't going to disagree with a heartbroken Toni.  He actually scooped the kitty up and put her on his back.  "You haz a bigz mouth," he meowed.

Daisy was insistent though.  "That wasn't Blackie!  That waz one of da keepers of the Golden Paw!"

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  1. frank tuna....wood like ta noe wear ewe getted all this info two......codd mother.....