Thursday, June 1, 2017


What in the meow was up?

Casey followed the meow.  It was easy to really, mostly bepaws there was a lot of continuous rowling and a lot of growling!  He soon discovered that the Mayor had trapped the Blackie wannabe.  Well, he didn't really trap her- he had her backed against an old oak tree.  Her hackles were up and her tail was stretched so long that it looked like it was about 3 feet in the air!!  Surprisingly, she still had the paw.

"Givez me da paw," the Mayor meowed with his growling face.  "Justz handz it over."

That Blackie wannabe was having none of it.  She growled- howled and put it under her body.  Finally, Casey meowed, "What do you want it for?  You're not going extinct!"

That made her madder- the paw was out and she clawed at Casey hard enough that it drew blood.  He was steamed.  "Why you little-"

Out of nowhere someone yowled, 'WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  1. wait iz rite....noe blood drawin two R pal casey cat wannabee...N what did ya due with blackie ~~~~~~