Wednesday, June 7, 2017

He's Baaa-aaack!

Yeah everybody Hank was back or at least a hippo doing a really good imitation of his voice.  MOL.  Oh don't get excited.  It was Hank and he came rumbling over.  "What the paws do you think you're doing??"  he howled.

Hank's howl was not pretty by the way.

Casey and the Mayor were flabbergasted.  "What are you howling about?"  Casey meowed.  "We were-"

And yeah- that's right- the Blackie double was gone.

Thanks for nothing Hank.

The Mayor was fuming.  "You iz a dumb hippo!"  he yowled at Hank pawing him on the nose.  "We hadz that cat cornered."

That's when Hank said something completely shocking.  "You gotta let her go!"

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  1. we due..due we..... ??? ☺☺☺♥♥♥ well, herz....all....reddy......GONE