Thursday, July 27, 2017


No one could believe it.

Again it was one of those things.


By the way-MOL- we're back with the gang...

They knew what we already know- Fuzzy had flat-out vanished, disappeared- was gone.  Not one piece of Fuzz remained.  Obviously, they had no idea that she was pawing around with a bunch of Pygmy Hippos.   All were shocked by that bewilderedly bewildered thing was setting in again.

"Whutz you thinkz happenz?"  asked the Mayor.

Now, how in the meow was Casey supposed to answer this?  He thought a lot of things, naturally, but the disappearance of Fuzzy was a complete shocker.  "I have no idea<" he meowed.  "You see what I see- she's just gone."

When he said that all of the kittens got excited.  (Yeah I know- they're not kittens anymore but it's kind of easier to call them that right?).  It wasn't the good kind of excited either.  It was that mad-hyper type excited.  "You better bring her back!"  Paws yowled.  "If you don't you're in big trouble!"

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  1. guyz...may bee fuzzy haz "powers" like a soooper hero roe ore sum thin, that none oh uz new a bout ! ?? ☺☺♥♥