Saturday, July 15, 2017

Paw Note

I need to give you guys a pawsitively purr-fect explanation about the Tippy panic.

The other day- a really nasty neighbor started yelling, screaming and threatening the gang.  He said that they go over his yard and ruin everything which is a damned lie.  I have enough space outside that the cats can enjoy themselves in safety.  Besides, a lot across the road actually belongs to me me as well.  This really nasty neighbor threatened the gang and when Tippy disappeared I was like Noooooooo!!!!!!  Anyway, all is good and it'll stay good.  But you guys need to understand something and trust me I'm not looking for some kind of pity party but in the past month I've been
robbed by my brother's girlfriend, slandered by my brother- threatened and even had my cats threatened.  So, I've had a bad month and a half.  Everything seems okay but Casey is getting older, not eating much- it's very possible he could go sometime this year.  However, he's bounced back before so maybe I'm a little on the 'edgy' side.  But that's enough of the problems- everything's cool and it's going to stay cool.

I'll meow with all of you later. *Wink*


  1. Tou have had a truly awful time but you are doing well - our thoughts are with you - hang on in there!
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. casey; if yur appettiez off dood; ask mom ta tempt ya with sardeenz...noe joke....N if ya knead ta keep weight on; canned kitten foodz de way ta go coz it high in cal o reez....

    bee well buddy N everee one be safe N stay safe ♥♥♥