Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Rocket Scientists

So, it finally sunk into the rocket scientists heads.  The Blackie double could be some secret agent!

Wait a meow-minute- this isn't a spy movie...

Or is it?

Now, after a few dumbfounded looks.  Hysteria started taking charge.  The kittens (yeah I know they're really not kittens now but oh well) started going hysterical.  Paws started to cry and that triggered off a firestorm!  "We don't want the rhinos to go away!"  Paws said.  "We gotta save the rhinos!"

Don't get this wrong- everyone liked a nice rhino but how in the meow or why in the meow were the kittens so worried about them?

1 comment:

  1. coz....they can bee....N coz.....hippoz R total lee kewl !! ☺☺♥♥