Friday, July 7, 2017

What the Meow?

What the meow???

What in the meow was the C. F. O.?

Casey and the Mayor were shocked, bewildered, confused  and downright flabbergasted.  How a cat could be flabbergasted was anyone's guess.  Well, you know how it is the mouths gape and the whiskers stick out.  However, this time we also had tails standing straight up too.

So the C. F. O is...

Nobody knew- meeeee-ow.  At first Barney came up with the idea that it was a human union but that theory was shot down bepaws what in the meow would a union want with it?  They had enough problems already.  But then it was Baby of all the cats who came up with it-

"It gotta be the Calling Felines Only group!!!"

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  1. baby.....ther R knot trubull makerz R they....we woodna think sew, but then again ~~~~~~~~~~ hay, hope everee onez week oh end iz grate☺☺♥♥