Monday, August 21, 2017

Guess What?

We're back...

Wait are you sure?

Meeee-ow we're sure and we kitties will try not to have such a long absence again.  But to be purr-fectly honest Mom had a tough month.  I mean it's like meee-ow- what more can happen to this lady? Meee-ow.

Okay enough of that meowing so where is Fuzzy?  Where has Fuzzy been?  Well, besides taking a look at that eclipse today (and unlike the president she had protection), she's still on the trail of the 'Golden Paw.'

What?  You don't believe it?

Check back and see....


  1. Welcome back! We hope your mom's tough month is long gone!

  2. waves guyz......glad ta see ya bak thiz way N we hope ya getted ta see sum eclipze act terned like dusk heer N de FSG watched NASA 's site while her waz sposed ta bee werkin !!! ther site had sum way kewl coverage !! ☺☺♥♥