Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Inquisitive Hank

Now, how was Fuzzy supposed to answer that?  She had no meowy idea how she got there.  To tell you the truth, she was wondering how she did herself.  It was to creepy in her book.  And don't worry, this was no dream.  She was stuck in a place with Hank and a bunch of little Hanks.  Granted it was a nice place but Fuzzy was just a kitten-kid.  What in the meow was she supposed to do?

She really wished that someone would meow to her why she was there.

Hank pulled back some and stared at the Fuzzy.  "You are after the Golden Paw, right?"

What Fuzzy going to say?  She literally had an arrow with the phrase, 'Looking for the Golden Paw,' following her around.  "Yeah," she answered.  "I wanna find the Golden Paw."

"What are you gonna do with it?"  Hank asked.

Now, how was Fuzzy supposed to answer this?  She still couldn't figure out why she was stuck in a land of little Hanks.  So, she asked the safest question.  "Why?"

That's when Hank said something totally unexpected.  (Now, there's a shock.)  "You better find that paw FAST."

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  1. fuzzy....pleez due knot worree sum timez we wunder how we getted from point Z ta point 7... N we never leeve de houz ! ☺☺♥♥