Thursday, August 24, 2017


It was a matter of principle.

All of the kitties just had to visit the Pittsburgh Zoo's baby elephant.  There was no doubt.  As a matter of fact the whole gang was called in and Hank even popped out.  He insisted on coming along.  He figured if anyone could make the baby eat he could.

Now, before anyone goes any further- go and read some articles about the baby.  What's nice is her nickname is 'Baby.'  Despite the horrible reports from the animal rights groups this is a place that cares for their animals and have always been known for taking care of their elephants.

As stated, this was a MAJOR emergency the whole gang were all a bunch of softies (take tough guy Casey for one) and well the Mayor of course was in one of those worrying type moods.

"Howz wez gonna getz in there?"  he asked.  "They gotz that kid locked up I bet."

"We can use Hank to bust in," Casey announced, "no doubt about it."

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  1. baby....we sendz best best fishez two ewe, we hope ya iz doin soooper grate N ya makez a full ree coveree ~~~~~ st francis' blessings ♥♥♥♥♥