Monday, September 25, 2017

Big Water

Remember when we were meowing about big water? Well, we've reached the point that Fuzzy and Ace the tiger were ready to cross a HUGE STRETCH OF WATER.

Fuzzy was furious.  The whiskers were twitching.  "Are you out of your meowy mind?"  she asked Ace.  "How in the meow are we supposed to go across that?"

Ace stared calmly at the Fuzzy.  His whiskers weren't even moving.  It was surprising really.  You would've thought he would've given a huge roar.  "Hop on the back," he said.

"No way!"  Fuzzy yowled.  There was no way she was going across a big body of water.  You see, she fell into a small pool, when she was a kitten and she avoided water no matter what.  "Why did you come this way anyway?"

"Hop on the back," Ace said calmly.

Fuzzy looked at the water skeptically and then studied Ace's back.  Maybe it could work, she thought.  Then, for some strange reason, it hit her how much trouble every animal would be in.  They needed the 'Golden Paw' and she figured she should stop being a baby.

She hopped out his back.

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  1. fuzzy...itz oh kay troo lee....outta all de big catz...tigerz bee awesum swimmerz...trooth !!! ☺☺♥♥