Friday, September 22, 2017

Questioning Fuzzy

Fuzzy couldn't believe it.

Well, she could but she was amazed.  This tiger was driving her nuts!!!!!!  What was up with this?  She was starting think that she was loosing it!  Anyway, enough of the human feelings.  It was time to follow Ace.

On the 'Road to Madness' (if you want to quote the Queensryche song)...

"What's your plan?"  Fuzzy asked willing to go along with it.  Meee-ow Fuzzy wasn't 2 yet (as you know) but she was always ready for an adventure.  Besides that, her curiosity was driving her crazy.  What could this 'Golden Paw' actually be like?  How would it actually save all of the animals?  Yeah, I know we're repeating stuff but all of you have to admit- you're wondering the same thing.

So, Fuzzy asked the logical question.  "What's up with the 'Golden Paw?  How's it going to save the animals?"

Ace gave the weirdest response.  "I have no idea."

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  1. oh kay now for sure due knot leeve til we get ther if ace doez knot even noe .....

    hay happee week oh end guyz....itz lookin ta be a scorcher in TT