Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Creepy sounds

So, Fuzzy was feeling purr-ty proud of herself.  The kitties were kind of excited but after awhile (and a lot of crunching noises) they got a little bored.

"Where we going?"  Tippy asked.

"What's in here?"  Paws asked.

And the goofy questions just continued as they 'pawed along.'  It was strange though, they got really far- really fast.  They were soon far from the paw-ty bepaws all they heard was crunching of the corn stalks.

Toni didn't like this.  "I wanna go back!"  she yowled.

Her brothers crowded around her in agreement.  All of them looked nervous and Fuzzy wasn't amused.

"You're all baby kittens," she meowed.  "We're just takin'-"

She didn't get to finish bepaws a paw reached out at her through the corn!

1 comment:

  1. sum one grab barney's paw sew ewe can all run like de wind....like NOW ~~~~~~~~ !!!!!