Monday, October 23, 2017


What happened?

Did Casey turned into dust or something?  Is that why we haven't heard from them?


Everything was meowy.  Nothing happened.  Even though after Casey pawed at it, they all jumped back like everything was going to explode.  A couple of minutes passed and everything was just calm.  That confused the kitties- what in the meow?

"Are we sure that's the Golden Paw?"  asked Barney.

Everybody was confused but then the Mayor meowed.  "Whutz dis mean?"

Casey's eyes were huge.  "I never understood what this thing was supposed to do," he meowed.

"We better take it," Barney meowed.  "We need it to find Fuzzy!"

After he meowed that- the Paw began to shake.

1 comment:

  1. guyz....we will take it but like sum one put it ina bag ore sum thin.....make de gurls putz it ina handbag !!!! ☺☺♥♥